Afternoon at Beaverdyke

After a hard day not catching fish and getting a numb backside at Ladybower on Saturday, I decided to spend Sunday afternoon at Beaverdyke Reservoir in the hope of restoring my fishing confidence.

When I got up to the reservoir the wind was blowing from right to left and onto the dam wall, I decided to fish Goose Bay on the far side of the reservoir to try and get a bit of shelter from the wind. Whilst walking round the reservoir I bumped into Steve Rhodes of who was giving some fly fishing lessons to a couple of novice anglers. His clients were fishing for the first time and were mainly learning the fine art of casting a fly line, however they’d still managed to catch a fish so I was optimistic about my own chances!

After having the obligatory cig and a chat with Steve I walked up to Goose Bay. Before I start fishing I always sit and watch the water for a few minutes, usually having another rollup and a cup of tea! This period of observation paid off as I saw a fish head and tail on a mayfly and this decided my tactics for me. I tied on a detached body mayfly and had a fish on my first cast, result!

I managed to catch another couple of fish before it all switched off. I then had a few casts for the Brown Trout on John O Gaunts Reservoir but I couldn’t tempt them. Nevertheless it was a good afternoon and it felt good to get my string pulled after a blank day at Ladybower.

I didn’t have a landing net with me so I didn’t get a picture of the fish but below is a picture of the dam at Beaverdyke as seen from Goose Bay.