Dogshit and Grayling.








Despite a roiling internal array, from the previous night’s curry and booze, I managed 2 hours on my club stretch of the Wharfe this Saturday. The river was lower than I anticipated and was running quite clear.

I put up a team of three on my 9ft  #6 rod – Tungsten GRHE on point, Greenwell Spider middle and a fur bodied spider on top, God knows what it’s called! I fished a short line again, down and across and had some considerable success.

I landed 8 small grayling and lost several more.  I look forward to seeing them again in a few years time! This is assuming they manage to avoid the herons, mink, poachers, goosanders and cormorants. I myself only just managed to avoid the countless dog turds on the riverbank. Nobody wants dogshit on their felt soled wading boots.

Are you a dog owner? Please, tell me why you think it’s ok to leave dogshit on the riverbank or indeed anywhere else other than your own back garden. You FILTHY BASTARDS!

2 thoughts on “Dogshit and Grayling.

  1. Matt

    Hi Bob,

    Are you sure the shit was from a dog? I have seen some dubious “anglers” on the multitude of Englands waterways over the years that look the type to take outdoor cable-laying to the next level!


  2. Bob

    Ay up Matt! Haha yeah it wouldn’t surprise me if some was human, but at least one log was emitted from a canine, I saw it happen before my very eyes!

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