1st fishing trip of 2012!

And I blanked 🙁

To be fair, all I managed was  2 hours up at Beaverdyke in increasingly piss-poor conditions so my chances were not brilliant. But as always, it proved to be an interesting and worthwhile excursion for several reasons.

1) A note from a walker who enjoyed her 70th birthday in our beloved fishing hut! We do have problems with non-members wandering down to the reservoir and pissing us off but on this occasion I can’t really begrudge her such a simple pleasure!

2) A dead stickleback floating in the margins (no photo). Not good for the stickleback, but interesting to inspect!

3) 2 roe deer a matter of yards away from me (no photo because they somehow construed my un-slinging a camera as a threat – imagine that!)

4) The misplaced expectation my line was gonna go tight!

5) Another hurdle negotiated – fishing (and blanking) without needing a cigarette. Soon I’ll be cornering smokers on the bank and telling then how disgusting their habit is and how awesome I am for stopping smoking. Ugh.

6) The foot long Italian BMT I took with me for lunch.

If any of you have been up to Beaverdyke recently, let me know how you’ve got on!



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