Moffat fishery closure? – Update, it’s open again!

Just stumbled upon some posts on stating that Moffat fishery (aka Hammerlands Centre) was due to close at the back end of last year, which has come as a bit of a shock! I have fond memories of staying at the adjacent caravan site and nipping over the fence to go do a few hours on Moffat. I wasn’t so fixated on wild browns then, but perhaps more importantly it wasn’t also trying to be a ¬†garden centre/tea room! But even when it became Hammerlands it wasn’t such a bad way to spend a couple of hours.

The pictures below were taken at Moffat with my first ever digital camera – not even 1 mega pixel! Gotta be at least 10 years ago, maybe more.


5 thoughts on “Moffat fishery closure? – Update, it’s open again!

  1. George

    Having been deeply distressed to learn the birthplace of my love for fly fishing closing i found myself desperatly searching for news about this ‘once’ great fishery, learning of its demise from the same post at flyforums, i was distrought…… until yesterday when i spied a post say it would be opening again on the 6th of April 2012…… Joy …… and heartbreak again, no more news could I find. Maybe you have sources you could tap for info?
    Please let me know, I have a holiday planned up there around the 6th, and in my mind, moffet seems like the perfect place if its open, and even better if its ‘un – hammerlanded’. cheers

    1. Bob Post author

      Hi George. Give Moffat tourist information a call on 01683 220620, maybe they know the score? Let me know how you get on.

      1. George

        Yeah i tried them a few month back when i heard it was closing, the best they could give me was ‘wait and see’, and someone in the office did hear a rumour that is was going ‘all carp etc’ as it brought in more money. I cant see that happening as in all the years i have been fishing there i have only ever seen 3 people fishing on the carp pond. I had forgotten about the toursit office in Moffat so i will give them another go…… excellent thinking…… will let you know.

  2. Kevin Smith

    Hi guys Moffat has reopened;)))) spent Friday n Saturday there tying flies for people and also fishing! Some of you’d will know me I’m the one who stalks! it fished superb myself I had nearly hundred trout!!!! They’ve tigers which fight
    Like mad and a good 3.5 to4 lb average;) hope this helps

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