It’s coming…

Almost there, few days to go. Assynt 2012 is about to get underway. Sweet Christmas where are the years going?! Anyway, I’ve tied up a few stalwarts and a couple of new and untested flies as a token gesture towards preparation. We have some Sedgehogs, a Mayfly, couple of Bob’s Bob flies, a Silver Dabbler variant and some Black Pennells.


I’ve also got the whole of Assynt copied onto my GPS Sat Nav device in glorious 1:25000 scale, a toy which has added a whole new dimension of fun to my outdoor excursions. What’s that you say? ¬†You want to know what it is and where you can buy one? Why certainly, here you go! Good price and it ships with both Marine and 1:50k ¬†Landranger maps. Marine maps prob no use to you but if they’re being thrown in for free it’s no bad thing.

Memory Map Adventurer 3500 GPS – Marine Plus OS Mapping, Yellow/Black

I’ve been picking up 1:25000 maps from Cotswold Outdoors as well, massively reduced. If you get one of these devices make sure it comes with a screen protector, and that it has latest software patches/updates to ensure you get the best out of it.

2 thoughts on “It’s coming…

    1. Bob Post author

      No phone, no emails, no Internet..just us 4 holed up in the cottage with pot noodles, whiskey and soiled tick twisters whilst it rains for 7 days.

      Day 4

      I grab the Leatherman and creep into Stu’s room. “Sshhhh Stu, don’t struggle, it’s easier this way……”

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