Assynt 2013…sort of

Corporal Johan Tittenstein Graf von Klink is a no-show for the 2013 fishing holiday due to expending all his annual leave on a 3 week ‘strength through joy’ honeymoon, or something like that. This left the rest of us all wandering around in a state of confusion unable to function without his rod of iron dictating our movements. That is until now!

We have assembled a 4-man squad of freethinking radicals and chosen our own destination this year. Our initial knee jerk reaction was to return to Lochinver and fish Assynt lochs again but I suggested we have a break from tradition and spend a week in Gairloch. We have actually been before, in 2007 but didn’t have the best of times as the video below, taken at the time, ¬†exemplifies rather well I think (please note, contains very bad language and scenes of compounded misery)

The weather was dreadful and the fishing wasn’t much better. Every morning we would get up and gaze out of the lounge window at the trees being bent double by the gale force winds and wince at the weather for’cast on TV showing us just how shit the rest of the week was going to be. On top of that, it transpired the 2 main attractions we’d planned to visit were not going to happen. The first, Fionn Loch, was advertised as fishing heaven in a local angling guide but we were told in no uncertain terms when we tried to gain access that only locals were allowed vehicular access to the loch. Second, our mission to Poca Buidhe to fish then spend a night in the bothy went to shit when it transpired the bothy had been trashed by inveterate scum.

Anyway, that was then and this is now. We plan to fish plenty of lochs around Gairloch but also climb An Teallach or some other Torridon monster, as well as driving up to do a Suilven mission so Tom gets to climb our favourite Inverpolly inselberg. The cottage is booked and I’m already excited!





11 thoughts on “Assynt 2013…sort of

  1. Bob Post author

    Thanks Patricia. I may be back up in Assynt later in the year anyway. Just had a look at your website, Ruddyglow looks lovely, maybe I’ll spend a night or 2 there!

  2. Graham Taylor

    We fished in the Gairloch area in 2009,also wanted to do the overnighter in the Bothy but were told it was unavailable due to bad behaviour by previous users.However the weather was glorious and the fishing was too.An added bonus was the visit of a Pine Marten almost every evening.We will return to Gairloch one day but this year its Assynt for us! I have enjoyed reading about your Assynt trips,if you want any info. about where we fished in the Gairloch area feel free to contact me.

  3. paul johnstone

    Were having a break from assynt this year for a couple of days in gairloch followed by the remainder of the week in applecross. We’ve fished at gairloch a few times and if you want any info on our favorites, just let me know.

    1. Bob Post author

      Hi Paul yes, intel always welcome! What made you decide to have a break from Assynt? We decided to do it so we didn’t start taking the place for granted, and Gairloch deserved another chance

  4. mat

    I love it up there. However, it is very grim when the weather is bad. I remember loads of trout on muddlers up there once. great fun!

  5. paul johnstone

    Yeah, similar for us to. Poor weather in the last few trips made our minds up. Figured if it was bad weather at gairloch it would be easier to hop across to the east and have a try on the don or deveron. We’ll no doubt be back up to assynt next year, it’s a place that draws you back time and again.

  6. Donald McIntyre

    Hi, I am going up to Assynt/Drumbeg in August, can you recommend a few lochs to fish that are accessible without walking for miles, and also if I do fancy a hike what lochs would you recommend.


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