Easter Round Up

Happy Easter from Yorkshireflyfishing!


Not much fishing going on here yet, I’ve been busy with other outdoor activities most weekends  – mainly fell walking and stuff. However, I went to the annual Roundhay Fly Fishers ‘Bring ‘n Buy’ evening where everyone brings fishing related paraphernalia to sell. Part of the money goes towards club funds which are used to fund events and also pay for bail when members get arrested and charged with sex crimes and the like. I arrived late and therefore achieved some damage limitation by missing out on some rods up for auction which I would undoubtedly have ended up buying. I did however pick up this.


I’ve already had a quick watch of the fishing section which contains invaluable lessons on how to fish North Country Spiders  and will be watching the fly-tying sections at a later date.

As regular readers will know the Roundhay Fly Fishers usually kicks off the season with a visit to Tanfield and this year was no exception. Sadly I could not attend this time as work commitments got in the way but I am hoping to go to the next event which is Carsington in Derbyshire. I’ve done a little research into what’s catching and tied some flies which I think may do some damage down there. I made an eggs-tra special effort seeing as it’s Easter…

The collar on this fly is made from red glass beads which I think I bought in Deutschland about 15 years ago. I have therefore justified their purchase and that of any other unused random article in my fly tying box as it proves stuff does eventually get used!

There’s been a ramping up in comments on posts as the new season kicks off which is great, I like to hear what you’ve all been up to and your reports help populate the site with up-to-date info for others to make use of. Keep it up!





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