The blog looks all funny like…

Troubling times at  A team of Chinese hackers managed to brute force their way past our robust security measures and hack the site! We started receiving ever more alarmist emails form our web hosting providers until they finally shut us down because there was malware on the site. We have had to scrap the old theme and hastily choose a new, clean one. I don’t really like it but it’ll do for now just to keep the blog ticking over.

2 thoughts on “The blog looks all funny like…

  1. Alistair

    It is a pain in the ass, happened to me a few times. You can probably still use your old theme as long as you have a fresh copy! Just make sure you update wordpress and your plugins regulary. Their is a plugin out there that tightens everything up for you however just make sure you change the admin password and you should be fine!

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