Unexpected discovery in the river Aire

So, it’s trout fishing season once again and yet the blog is strangely quiet. I was excited to get out there and do some fishing but unfortunately I’ve had very little time due to moving festung YorkshireFlyFishing to a new location. You’ll be please to hear that the new base has a dedicated man-cave where the vice will be permanently erected (phwooarr) and ready for action.

Hmm, I wonder what I could possibly use this converted garage with wooden benches for?!

I the midst of all the madness I did manage to get out on opening day on the River Aire. I won’t specify where exactly but a lot of you will recognise it anyway I’m sure. I had a new rod and reel to Christen, namely the LTS 9’6 #4 and Snowbee Onyx with a John Norris line on. The weather was kinda ok in that it started off warmish with a bit of  sunshine but (here come the excuses) there wasn’t enough water in the river and there was a bit of a cold wind. There were a surprising number of anglers there considering it was midweek but I guess opening day is a biggie.


I probably used the wrong tactic for the day by sticking to ‘Klink and dink’ or ‘New Zealand Style’ but it’s what I wanted to do! I fished the easily accessible stretches and spotted a couple of good fish but spooked them then moved downstream towards the lower reaches of the beat and found some promising spots. Again, fish were spotted but I put them down 🙁 Not sure how these pools will look with a more reasonable flow of water through them.

Anyway I must have put in a good four hours fishing but bloody well blanked! To be fair most of the other anglers I spoke to did as well but still, not what I wanted! However, a strange ending to the session was on the cards. I waded out a few paces to try get my flies to land drag free on the end of a nice run when I noticed something sticking out of the silt. “Looks like a DVD case. Ha, wouldn’t it be funny if it was a…oooh, it is”. Yes, ladies and gentlemen, I managed to go fishing and catch a fistful of pornos.

Of course I cannot possibly say whether or not an Art-House Swedish Grumble DVD can be successfully played after being fished out of a river, carefully cleaned and left to dry overnight…







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