Malham Tarn in North Yorkshire

Welcome to Yorkshire Fly Fishing. This website of ours has been kicking around for about 13 years now. It began as an endeavor by Stu, myself and a host of guest stars to visit every fly fishing venue in Yorkshire and do a write up on our findings. We were mad keen on catching trout and eager to explore new places but also felt it would hopefully prove useful to others if we shared our experiences. We’re not pros, we’re just average anglers and have plenty of blanks

Fewston reservoir

A lot has happened over 13 years. Stu lost his hair and I lost a testicle but gained a beard whilst regular star of the blog Phil <count von Tittenstein> got married and had a baby 2 babies. Our desire to catch any trout anywhere eased off somewhat and we focused more on catching wild browns in picturesque surroundings, although we still do a fair bit of fishing for rainbows

Somewhere in Scotland…

The focus of the blog itself has also diversified. After I stopped smoking a few years ago I started doing a lot more exercise to avoid the inevitable weight gain and this entailed lots of hillwalking and occasional munro-bagging. A lot of this goes in the blog but of course there is a convenient overlap – one can climb a mountain then fish a remote hill loch and wild camp. Bliss! More recently a burgeoning obsession with pike has developed. I like to catch them on the fly but I’ve also been doing plenty of lure fishing and even a bit of deadbaiting. Don’t despair, this is still at heart a fly-fishing blog but it’s also good to expand your horizons.

Finally, I have to hold my hands up and admit that many of the ‘reviews’ on here are out of date so prices etc may have changed since we last visited some of these places. That’s where you come in! If you’ve been to any of the places we’ve visited then post a comment on the relevant blog page, let everyone know how you got on. We get some really useful info and good banter in the comments we receive so keep it up! Or if you’d like to email us direct, use the contact form below: [wpforms id=”2643″]