Bob’s first blog

This is my first attempt at using Stu’s new-fangled blog software, can’t be that difficult, surely?! Before I kick off I’d like to wish all our visitors a very Merry Christmas and tight lines for the new season.

Today I decided to get some fresh air so I’ve spent a couple of hours on the Yorkshire Anglers’ stretch of the river Wharfe in Burley-in-Wharfedale. The weather was quite pleasant, sunny but chilly, and water was at a good level. Seemed particularly chilly when I waded in up to my waist….retractable undercarriage was in operation. I fished a couple of pools Czech nymph styleee but other than a few tweaks and tugs my efforts were fruitless. I blame it on the strong upstream wind which was blowing my leader all over the shop making bite detection very difficult. You should always, always have an excuse for blanking. I have plenty.

I’ve posted a couple of pictures from today, including one of myself because I’m sick of seeing Stu’s ugly mug all over this website. I look real pretty in my hat don’t I? Feel free to download and print it out to stick above the mantelpiece to keep the kids away from the fire.

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