Gold Ribbed Hare’s Ear (Goldhead) Variant

This fly, and its many variants, has to be one of my favourite river patterns and also
works well on stillwaters. Fish it on its own or as part of a team where it should be on the point.

Materials used:

Hook: Size 14 Drennan Carbon Nymph
Head: Size 1/8” Gold plated bead
Thread: Brown
Tail: Pheasant tail fibres
Rib: Fine gold tinsel
Body: Orvis Fine and Dry Dubbing Assortment Rusty Spinner Brown (any fine dubbing may be used but it should be a lighter shade than the material used for the thorax).
Thorax: Dark brown seals fur

1. Begin by threading the bead onto the hook then fix in the viceTie on your thread and wind down to a point just before the start of the bend (Tip: build up a thick buttress of thread behind the gold bead to stop it sliding back and forth)

2. Next, tie in around 6 or 7 pheasant tail fibres to form a tail

3. Lash these down and trim off the waste.

4. Catch in gold tinsel and dub on the body material

5. Wind the body material about 2 thirds of the way up the shank and rib this with the gold tinsel

6. Next, dub the seals fur onto the thread…….

……..and form a thorax, with the long fibres giving the impression of legs. All that’s left now is the whip finish. Now go tie another!

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