Post stocking fun!

Happy Easter!

Went up to Beaverdyke last night to fish for an hour or so, just to see out the Bank Holiday. Wind was coming from the West..hard! I tackled up a floater, 12 foot tapered leader and an experimental setup with black mini-muddler on dropper and bibio on point.  After 10 minutes I knew I was wasting my time, the fish were almost certainly deeper down. A goldhead damsel fritzy type thing went on the end and once I started leaving the fly to sink, I began to get some action. Slow ‘sink and draw’ pulls did the business, in less than an hour I landed four great rainbows and none of them were under 2lbs. The last 2 were on a bead-chain damsel after losing the fritz monster to a rock on the bottom 🙁

On an unrelated note, I picked up a copy of Trout Fisherman over the weekend, for the hell of it (and to keep my mind off stopping smoking!). I stopped buying it years ago once I’d moved out of the ‘beginner stage’ but I have to say I’ve actually quite enjoyed reading it. Although some of its content is obviously still influenced by advertisers, there were some reasonably interesting articles in it and it managed to whet my appetite to fish some different places and try different techniques etc. Maybe I’m not the magazine snob I thought I was!

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