Big Brenig pike!

Matthew, the newest member of Roundhay Fly Fishers has very kindly sent me a report on his pike fishing weekend in Wales and it looks like he’s had an interesting time down there! He spent a couple of days on Llyn Brenig, a big trout reservoir which allows anglers to fish for pike one week every year.

The weather was obviously grim on the Thursday, with driving rain, gale force winds and 4ft waves. The look on Matthew’s face tells me all I need to know…

Matthew and his boat partner were out on the reservoir from 9am, but didn’t catch a fish until 3:30. But what a belter!

The pike weighed 23lb and was caught on a triple jointed 8 inch mid diving lure. The picture is a tad blurry because the boat was rocking around on the waves so much!!

Friday saw them back out on Brenig and both Matthew and his boat partner caught fish this time. Not quite as big as the day before but still substantial predators!

Big thanks to Matthew for giving me some nice blog content :-)However, his membership of RFF will now have to be reviewed due to breaking with club tradition and actually catching fish

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