Vision GT Fly Reel (7-9)

Well, as promised, here’s the first entry in our Tackle Review section. I’ve decided to start with a write up on a reel I bought at the start of this year. Please note, my measurements are non-too scientific, and my opinions are just that – my opinions. They may differ from others.

I’d been eyeing up one of these bad boys for a while, but reasoned I didn’t need one, my existing reel for 7# lines worked just fine.  I didn’t hold out very long though, once I’d handled it in the flesh I had to have it -to do otherwise would’ve been akin to unhooking a bra then going off to make a cup of tea.

I bought the VG79 model which, as the name suggests, is designed for line weights 7-9. Stated capacity is for a WF7F + 52m of 20lb backing. I must confess I didn’t measure how much backing I put on, which would’ve been useful but hey ho. Stated weight of the reel fully loaded as such is 188g but when I weighed mine loaded with a Rio Gold WF7 floater and backing it came to 250g.


I think I paid about £170 for mine and got a spare spool thrown in.  Without the spare spool I’d rate the price as good value. With the spare spool I’d say it’s very good value.


Stunning! Sexiest reel I’ve ever owned. I drooled over it in the shop and I still drool over it when I’m using it now.


I’ve given figures above, but what’s the real feel? Well, on my 10ft 7-weight Daiwa (not exactly a superlight rod) it feels a bit too heavy, the balance isn’t quite right. If you fish with a fairly light 7 weight rod and want to keep the weight down I’d suggest you get the VG57 instead.


The drag is powerful, more than enough to slow down any trout you’ll ever connect with in the UK, I’m sure. The adjustment for this mechanism is a big knurled ‘dial’, easy to operate even with gloves on.

Swapping spools over is simple, there’s a small ‘lever’ mechanism to release the spool from the cage. Spools are drilled to save weight, and also add to the ‘look’ 🙂


Virtually silent when reeling in, and a reassuringly expensive sounding ‘whirr’ when taking line off.


With a spool in place, there is a tiny, tiny amount of lateral play, but no discernible longitudinal movement. I can only guess that this would be the difference between a mid-priced reel such as the GT, and a high end Hardy or Abel. Pay a few hundred more quid and there’s zero movement, end of??


Beautiful finish which stands up to casual abuse but it’s not impervious to rough treatment, I’ve got some pretty deep scuff marks on a small part of the cage edge…God knows what I’ve done there but I could weep!


Nice neoprene case, does the job


If this reel were a woman, it’d be a slightly heavy-boned supermodel but I love it, and would happily buy another. It looks stunning and has worked without hitch all year. To buy a reel that looks as good but weighs tangibly less, I think you need to spend a lot more.

6 thoughts on “Vision GT Fly Reel (7-9)

  1. Hans Ferm

    Hello there,
    I was thinking about this Vision Gt reel 7-9″ Here in Finland for Seatrout.
    Cost 105€. Rod is 9` 7-9#
    Have You the saltwater experience for the reel?

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