Pleasant afternoon at Beaverdyke

Nothing too exciting, just a quick report and a few pictures.

Tied two excellent skinny nymphs this morning. Within 5 casts I’d lost them both up a tree at in a narrow bay at Beaverdyke 🙁 .  I was deliberately fishing away from the main open banks near the hut where a load of fish had been stocked that day.

Headed up to John O’Gaunts and fished off the dam for a while then walked up the north shore where I found occasional fish moving.  The conditions weren’t too bad when the wind dropped and the sun came out.

I only started moving fish when I tied on a tan Klink on the point with a Diawl Bach on point on a 15ft leader (3lb tippet). As it happened I only landed one brownie.

When the temperature dropped the browns stopped moving so I went back down to Beaverdyke and fished the dam corner on the southern shore. The walk down was accentuated by the bluebells which have finally made their appearance.

I raised a couple of rainbows but nothing stayed on. Although it’s fishable until 9pm now, I called it a day at 8 because it was bloody cold!

3 thoughts on “Pleasant afternoon at Beaverdyke

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  2. Flyfishermanrichard.

    Wonderful site.

    I’m sorry you had problems with copywrite on your blog. If you download Picasa there is a way of getting a copywrite symbol on your pictures. I’m not expert but with palying about I’ve managed it. At least that way, if they steal a photo it will have your name on it. Have a quick look at my blog?

    Best of luck.

  3. Bob

    Thanks Richard, I’m defo gonna have to do something to try nip this activity in the bud. As you yourself must know, writing a blog involves quite a lot of effort and it’s not nice seeing some other pillock making use of your work! Great blog btw.


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