Hotter than Hades

Was up at Beaverdyke for a couple of hours last Thursday evening, I’d been hoping for an action packed session but the bright blue sky put the fish down somewhat. Bobby was disappointed, having cycled home from work in the sweltering heat then rushed around getting my sh1t together.

There was lots of insect activity including mayflies, buzzers and sedges but few fish rising. The ones that were feeding were not interested in my offerings in the slightest. Reminded me of the time I was flyfishing for pike next to a guy who was coarse fishing. He had a keep net containing several perky little roach he’d caught and 6 inches out from said net were 2 pike staring intently at them. I wiggled and wobbled my deadbait in front of them like some desperate tart looking for business but they were not interested in the slightest, even when I nudged a section of lamprey against their mouths!

3 thoughts on “Hotter than Hades

  1. jim

    Hurray! Comments! Pike can be so fickle sometimes. If I had the choice between wriggling roach and a chunk of lamprey. I know which I would choose.

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