Crabtree Angling Lake

I received an email earlier this week from David, a soldier based at Catterick who regularly fishes Crabtree Angling lake near Richmond. He had read my review of this fishery and wanted to share his own findings after numerous visits there. I’ve always been keen for anglers to do this, it’s important to give balanced opinions. You may recall myself and Stu just didn’t really gel with the place, not helped by blanking no doubt!

David informs me he’s had some really good sessions at Crabtree, often catching well into double figures and landing fish up to 5lb. As I mentioned in the review, you should always form your own opinion on a place, so I suggest you give the place a go, ¬†and do let me know how you get on. David has been catching on Daddy Long Legs patterns and also black tadpole type lures so make sure you’ve got plenty of those in your fly-box.

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