Grayling on the Wharfe

Having had a day out with guide Steve Rhodes the previous weekend, I was still pumped up with enthusiasm and confidence for river fishing. I decided to get down to my usual stretch of the Wharfe and see if I could capitalise on that feel-good factor.

Remembering his advice I made sure I paid close attention to the fly life before starting fishing. There wasn’t much about but I did see this little Stonefly.

I also took some time to read the river. This is a stretch of river I’ve fished numerous times but now I was looking at it with new eyes!

In a period of about one and a half hours I landed three grayling, played and lost another two or three and had numerous other offers. To me, this was a Goddamn grayling bonanza! The biggest is pictured below (notice the mark where something has had a go at it).

A fine Grayling!

I caught them all fishing wet fly ‘down and across’, on a short line just as I’d been taught by Steve. Point fly was a tungsten hare’s ear and then I had a Partridge & Orange and a.n.other North Country spider on the droppers.

Can’t wait to get on the river again!

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  1. Roberto

    Hi,where it is that lovely stretch of river ,I would be interested to go fly fishing there is it possible to get days tickets.
    Be very glad for some info.thanks

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