Malham Mission


Not really fishing weather at the moment but I needed to get out and enjoy a bit of the great outdoors (and walk off last night’s curry) so I did a moderate walk in the Dales. Helps keep me sane and also try clear 20+ years worth of crap off my lungs seeing as I’ve packed in the fags.

We started off in Malham and walked up to Gordale scar but couldn’t get up over the waterfalls as they had too much water running through, so schlepped up the side of the hill back at the mouth.

The view from this side of the scar was pretty impressive and made up for the annoyance of an unplanned diversion.

The route then took us up to the tarn which looked extremely cold, windy and inhospitable and yet still managed to cause a stirring in my fishing loins. I know how big the fish are in there! The tarn that is, not my loins…

A steady descent brings you down past Malham Cove which is ¬†a bloody awesome spectacle, I’d forgotten how impressive it is, especially when you stand on the lip and peer over it!

The route was about 8 and a half miles (including detour) which is bang on for a Sunday afternoon filler. The original route I planned which takes you up the  waterfalls is shown below if you fancy it.


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