Test blog post from iPad

Ooooooh remote publishing, whatever next eh?

5 thoughts on “Test blog post from iPad

  1. Neil St Quinton

    Hello, happened upon your site while searching for info on Tarn Fishing. Theres loads of Tarns around the dales do you know anything of fishing them, Not Malham Tarn i;m Talking about the remote ones on’t tops like Outershaw, Middle Tongue and Cotterdale Tarns to name my most local, do you need permission? Does the right to roam give you the right to fish these remote little place. Is there any trout in them??? I know land owners and can get permission but was wondering if you guys had any info… Thanks Much…
    ps great photos!!!

    1. Bob Post author

      Hi Neil, interesting post. I know nothing about these tarns, you’ve probably started me off on a bit of a mission here!

  2. Neil St Quinton

    I was talking to a guy in the fishing shop in kendal and he was telling me about two guys who were making a book of all the tarns and fishing them but never completed it. I used to live in cotterdale so i recon i could get permission to have a go, i walked past it a load of times, not sure if there will be fish in it….

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