Wow I’ve really angered the angling Gods – another blank up at Beaverdyke. ¬†However, after speaking with some regulars up there they too have had a rough time of it recently so maybe this isn’t divine punishment for..ugh..well..where do I begin. Never mind, things always pick up late March and into April.

I did however eat the rainbow trout that’s been in my freezer since September whilst off work with man-flu ( I had nothing else to eat and didn’t feel well enough to go to the shops) so that’s one good thing. Eventually, some time this year, I’ll shock you all with a post on here that’ll be all, like, ¬†KERBLAMMO I caught a 10lb wild brown trout and it coughed up a diamond ring…but until that happens (and it will, okay) here are some more pics.

White horses on Beaver Dyke

Pheasant & interesting bokeh!


I also drove down to Swinsty to see what water levels were like on there – as you can see it’s faring a lot better than Beaver Dyke.







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