Back from Assynt

I face a wall of admin, followed by the crushing misery of returning to work. Ugh. Stark contrast to views like this, taken from top of Suilven. More to follow…much more…for it is only right and proper that at some point I craft the Assynt 2012 blog from a block of solid shit.





5 thoughts on “Back from Assynt

  1. Stu

    I really wish I’d drag my fat arse up that mountain, I might have to wait years for another day up at Fionn Loch with weather like that.

  2. Rob

    Looking forward to the Assynt report…got a couple of excellent days up at the Nidd recently…..water was still high for this time of year, between the recent downpours we’ve had around here anyway.

    Shame the outlook ain’t too good for the weekend, was hoping to fit in a morning down the river.

  3. Al

    C’mon Bob where’s your report! Looking forward to reading it. Having had two years on the bounce to Shetland me and a few like minded are trying out Moidart hill lochs on the west coast in August. I need something to keep me going in the meantime! Amazing couple of photos – think they are having all the weather so far this summer – an old boy i know came back from the Naver last week saying a couple of decent rivers up there weren’t reaching the sea. Cheers

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