It’s coming…

Almost there, few days to go. Assynt 2012 is about to get underway. Sweet Christmas where are the years going?! Anyway, I’ve tied up a few stalwarts and a couple of new and untested flies as a token gesture towards preparation. We have some Sedgehogs, a Mayfly, couple of Bob’s Bob flies, a Silver Dabbler variant and some Black Pennells.


I’ve also got the whole of Assynt copied onto my GPS Sat Nav device in glorious 1:25000 scale, a toy which has added a whole new dimension of fun to my outdoor excursions. What’s that you say?  You want to know what it is and where you can buy one? Why certainly, here you go! Good price and it ships with both Marine and 1:50k  Landranger maps. Marine maps prob no use to you but if they’re being thrown in for free it’s no bad thing.

Memory Map Adventurer 3500 GPS – Marine Plus OS Mapping, Yellow/Black

I’ve been picking up 1:25000 maps from Cotswold Outdoors as well, massively reduced. If you get one of these devices make sure it comes with a screen protector, and that it has latest software patches/updates to ensure you get the best out of it.

2 thoughts on “It’s coming…

    1. Bob Post author

      No phone, no emails, no Internet..just us 4 holed up in the cottage with pot noodles, whiskey and soiled tick twisters whilst it rains for 7 days.

      Day 4

      I grab the Leatherman and creep into Stu’s room. “Sshhhh Stu, don’t struggle, it’s easier this way……”

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