Lyme Disease

Well this is interesting blog material.  2 weeks ago I was out on a mountain bike ride. When I got back I noticed I was bleeding from the back of my leg, just above ankle, which was odd as I had no recollection of hurting myself. Anyway, I didn’t bother doing anything with it until a few days later when I realised there was a tender lump there. As the days have gone on it’s eventually developed into the legendary bulls eye rash we all fear so much.


I went to see the practice nurse, who dragged in the GP to have a look. They compared it to their reference pictures of Lyme disease rash and immediately decided to stick me on antibiotics and send my bloods off for test.

If it is from an infected tick bite, I don’t know if this bad boy had hung around since Assynt or I picked it up in Yorkshire (my ride took me through deer country). My guess is that the tick got knocked off whilst cycling and the antic coagulant it uses made it bleed for a bit.  Am I scared? You bet your ass I am, this nasty disease stays with you for life if not caught in time and basically ruins you, mentally and physically.


2 thoughts on “Lyme Disease

  1. Stu Bamforth

    If it had been there since Assynt you would think the tick would have been the size of a Malteser and you would have noticed it.

    I reckon you must have got it on the bike ride.

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