A bit of flytying

After losing my only example of the ‘Tanfield Twat’ I decided to knock up some more tonight. 2 are faithful to the original and 2 are a new variant designed to catch fry-feeders at Rutland (a potential mission for next month). I shall name the new variant the Rutland Rimjob, because I intend to use it in the shallows around the edge of the reservoir…

2 Twats and a couple of Rimjobs

5 thoughts on “A bit of flytying

  1. Lee

    Very well done on these. They have been made to a very high quality and i am sure that they will work perfectly for your need. Be interested to know if these new ‘Rutland Rimjobs’ will work

  2. Gregor

    I’m planning a trip down to Yorkshire this summer and just doing a bit of research and I was wondering if you could list the materials used on this fly as I’m looking to tie some up.

    thanks in advance

    1. Bob Post author


      Basically marabou for tail, chenile for body, oval silver tinsel for rib, and fritz for the collar. There are also a few turns of lead wire on the hook just to help it sink and I tend to put a few strands of holo tinsel in with the tail to give it extra sparkle.

      Tight lines!

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