Richard Wheatley

Blimey, is nothing safe? Just been reading that Richard Wheatley went into liquidation last month. When I got into Fly Fishing I quickly recognised their fly boxes as the most desirable, something to save up for and cherish. I actually had a swing leaf bought for me as a birthday present about 15 years ago and it’s still going strong. Sounds like their manufacturing equipment has been bought out by an American company though, so hopefully the brand won’t completely die.

3 thoughts on “Richard Wheatley

  1. Clive Edwards

    I supply the same fly boxes, made the same way, from the same components with the same logo or brand but now made in Somerset.

    The assets of Richard wheatley were purchased by a new Company and I have taken over the supply of the boxes for most of the world (not the Americas or Asia)

    I will keep supplyong the same quality boxes but hopefully be able to add some new products to the range

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