Cheer up folks, winter can’t last for ever. Here’s another inspirational picture!

One of Scotland’s most picturesque lochs (and that’s saying something!). Can you name it?

Drifting down the loch, sun on your back, nice ripple, gentle breeze…..aaah

3 thoughts on “Cheer up folks, winter can’t last for ever. Here’s another inspirational picture!

  1. Ross Charles

    Hi Bob

    Love your site. I am an Australian from Sydney. my wife has many relations in Torridon, so I have fished the hill lochs in that area quite a few times over the past 40 years. Yes I’m an old b&&^%%d. Trout fishing out of Sydney requires a 2 hour drive and the reservoir is at about 2000 ft altitude, so in the winter the temperatures are not that different from yours. Our fishing is free as long as you have a licence and the reservoirs are stocked “occasionally” with rainbows and browns. The fish are in surprisingly good condition and of “steelhead origin”. To catch two in a day is a “good day” and the average size is two to four pounds and they give a very good account of themselves. We don’t have your commercial fisheries over here and access to “wild brown and rainbows” is quite good, but requires very long drives. To have access to wild browns and rainbows in the double figures, we would have to to drive at least 350 miles in the dead of winter. Which at 3000-4000 feet altitude is freezing. My mate had a trip for four days a couple of weeks ago and caught more than he could count. The average size would have been four to five pounds and he lost one over ten pounds ALL WILD. I have not caught a fish since I was in Torridon last year, and I will be back in a few weeks. This says a lot about my ability.

    Kindest regards to all


    1. Bob Post author

      Hi Ross

      Award for furthest flung visitor to the website must surely go to your good self!
      Those wild fish your mate got into sound fantastic. You’ll have to let me know how you get on in the Torridons



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