Get ready for Spring, don’t get Lyme disease


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Might not feel like it but it’s Spring, and when this Godawful weather sorts it self out we’ll all be hitting the outdoors like frolicking lambs, skipping and bounding with joy as we head to the water’s edge. Yorkshireflyfishing’s resident medical expert ¬†has put together a quick info burst taken from our previous Lyme article for you to read and help you get prepared for a tick-free year.

Yorkshire flyfishing medical expert pictured yesterday

How can I prevent getting tick bites?

Not as easy as you think. If you venture outside you’re at risk! Okay, that’s a little alarmist, but the ticks that carry it can be found on foxes, deer, sheep and Lord knows what else. Keep away from long grass, tuck your trousers into your socks and wear gaiters (let’s face it, if you’ve got your trousers tucked in your socks you’ll want to hide that fashion faux pas anyway). If you’re entering a high risk area go the extra mile and in addition to the above get some Lifesystems EX4

Lifesystems Ex4 Permethrin Treatment – Size 350Ml

and spray the bottom of your trousers, socks and gaiters. This stuff kills the little bastards when they crawl onto the fabric whereas normal DEET based stuff merely repels them but make sure you read the label carefully. Wear a light coloured long sleeved top and tuck it in (the light colour helps you spot them). I’ve found ticks on my ‘love handles’ on several occasions! At the end of any day out in possible tick infested land do a full and vigorous body inspection…don’t forget behind the knees, behind your ears, perineum, backs of legs etc.

What if I do get bitten?

Don’t panic! Don’t rip the thing off, don’t smear it in vaseline, don’t burn it, don’t even use harsh language or long hard Paddington stares. Use a dedicated removal tool like this

O’Tom Tick Twister For People or Animal (2 Pack in Resealable bag)

otherwise you’ll distress the tick and force it to spew up its stomach contents into you thereby accelerating the process of passing the nasty bacteria into you. Buy a couple of packs now and have one at home and one out and about with you on your travels. Follow the instructions. If you do get a tick bit and develop any of the symptoms mentioned earlier get straight to the GP and discuss your concerns.


If your GP gets all uppity and says you can’t get Lyme disease in the UK get a second opinion, this is not a disease to be taken lightly.¬†Perhaps more importantly, don’t just rely on a half-assed article from a whisky soaked Internet blogger. If you’ve read this far I’ve managed to pique your interest …which was my intention…so now you should visit websites put together by those who really do know their stuff about Lyme


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