Ben Hope

Just a quickie. Had a great week up in Scotland, starting off with a visit to the last ever airshow at RAF Leuchars (gratuitous aircraft picture I took below 🙂 )

After the airshow, and a paranormal experience in a pub at Nydie, we drove over to t’other side of Scotland and camped for a few nights at Clachtoll, just north of Lochinver. Cracking campsite and the people who run it are really nice. Fantastic beach as well.


We met up with friends whilst up there and decided to hit Ben Hope, the most Northerly Munro. Even though you feel like you are a looong way into Scotland when you’re in Assynt, it was still a 2 hour plus drive up to Strathmore although it does take you past Durness and that is at the very top left of the country!

We did the walk at a very leisurely pace with lots of stops for views, snacks, wee wees and God knows what else. There are plenty of other reports on Ben Hope so I won’t go into much detail. Here’s the start, as you may be able to tell.

Which way now…?

It’s a nice steady pull but the ascent never really ends although Mac, Sally’s batsh*t mental Border Collie was keen to make good progress


Once you get up onto the ridge there are some nice views back down into the valley. I’ve since read that there is some good salmon fishing in the river down there, what a place to fish!


All the way up it looked like we were on for a clear summit, with views like this opening up



Alas, after a lengthy lunchbreak we set off just as the clouds started to descend, as did a helicopter! By the time we hit the summit the top was completely socked in, there was a helicopter perched on the plateau, and some location scouts were mulling around at the trig point. They didn’t know what film it was for (or wouldn’t say!) although I thoughtfully suggested it was maybe a porno.

Ruuun…gooo….get to da choppah

And here some of us are pratting around up on top during a brief gap in the weather



Then the gap closed! The labrador is Ruby



And then we all went home for tea, as they say!



Naturally the clouds cleared after we had got a few hundred feet down off the top but never mind. It’s a nice walk and good to tick off another Munro. I think that makes it 10 for me now, maybe…just maybe, if I do 20 a year for the next…ah who am I kidding


More from this Scotland trip later..including some fishing dear readers!!

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