Assynt blog 2014….coming soonish!

In the meantime, here’s a nice picture of a loch in Assynt!



11 thoughts on “Assynt blog 2014….coming soonish!

  1. Donald

    Hi, I am heading of in 3 weeks for my first trip up to Assynt,( can’t wait ). Can u recommended a few flies, and do u have a favourite, read all the blogs, when is 2014 getting posted.


    1. Bob Post author

      Hi Donald. The Loch Ordie is essential, or you could try the equally successful (for me 🙂 ) Bob’s Bob Fly. I did a blog post on the latter

      Also make sure you have some Kate McLarens, Bibios, Invictas, Soldier Palmer Mini-Muddlers and Black Mini Muddlers for general work, Silver Dabbler for boat fishing, Daddy Long Legs, Pond Olives and F flies for the small hill lochs.
      2014 blog is slow coming this year, hope to have it out in the next couple of weeks. Let me know how you get on up there.



  2. Donald

    Hi bob, thanks for info, I am staying outside Drumbeg at achd cottage, I will purchase a few more flies, I tie my own but won’t have time before I head off, will hunt the net for flies. will let u know how I get on.

    Tight lines

    p,s was out in North uist , 2 years ago, fishing paradise,

    A bad days fishing is better than a good day at work.

  3. Graham Williams

    Loch a Choire Dhuibh? looking forward to hearing about your visit to Na Barrack lochs. I went back to Scourie in July with a lot more success than June but some bright sunny days were very hard work. Fished the Inver for first time ever, fantastic experience but only hooked and then lost a nice Salmon.
    Cheers Graham

  4. Assynt Fishing

    Hi Bob, I was up in a cottage at Drumbeg for 2 weeks, I had chest infection the first week so I never got out fishing, 2nd week I fished a loch up near Stoer, up a peat road, can’t remember the name, started with an F, great help that is eh !!, caught 3, best about a 1lb. on PTN. With gold bead. This was my first time up in Sutherland and my wife n I have fallen in love with the area, scenery was fantastic for first 2 weeks in September. To bright for fishing though, going to re-book as soon as, stress levels are now back to normal with work. Happy days. Dreaming of casting a line on Fionn. One day ,

    Tight Lines

  5. Bob Post author

    Hi Donald. That’s real bad luck losing a week of your holiday to illness but at least week 2 wasn’t a write-off. We’ve fished some of the lochs off the Stoer peat track, used a float tube on one of them – great fun. I was up in Glencoe then over on the islands early September, the weather was magnificent wasn’t it? Make sure you get on Fionn next year, beautiful place.


  6. William Lacey Group

    Hello, the loch looks wonderful, I have never experienced fishing on a lake that size, It must be very important to get there early to bait up your area of the fish could end up no where near your fishing spot. I will be looking forward to hearing how it went. Thanks

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