Is it safe?

I’m off pike fishing tomorrow (still need to update the blog with my trip out to Hornsea Mere last weekend!) and I couldn’t help but notice that the equipment required to remove hooks from a pike’s mouth is substantially different to what we use for trout! . For scale, those side cutters are a foot long – they are for cutting through treble hooks if it’s all got a bit messy in there.

Perhaps I’m spiralling out of control. After all – I’ve joined the Pike Anglers Club of Great Britain and purchased a bite alarm to go with my bank sticks!!!  It’s all good though because I’m already hankering to get on a river and do some Czech Nymphing which will please the traditional game anglers among you. Actually, come to think of it Czech Nymphing itself is still pretty controversial. If however I start blogging about pole fishing on canals then please feel free to get me sectioned until I see sense again.



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