Trop cher Game Fair!

I’ve been meaning to sort out a weekend at the CLA Game Fair seeing as it’s coming to Leeds. My plan was to round up some mates and camp there for one, maybe 2 nights and make a proper do of it but after looking at the campsite prices I don’t think I’ll bother. Their website says they’ve introduced some cheaper pitches this year which are ‘only’ £65 for one night. So, let’s say you’re a couple and you want to spend Friday night at the campsite then go into Game Fair the next day. Your grand total is still going to be £115, and that’s without food and drink. Plus a £2 booking fee for good measure. Bit much if you ask me! What do other people think? Am I just behind the times here? It’s true I live in a world where I still think a 1st class stamp should be 28p, a can of Coke 33p and a Yorkie 30p. And back then a Yorkie would fill you, and Wagon Wheels were massive, and don’t get me on Curly bloody Wurlies. Jumpers for goalposts, ah summers were better then weren’t they?

Also, I’ve just got an email from Wild Trout Trust (I’m a member) which explains that they can’t justify the cost of having a stand at this Year’s Game Fair. It doesn’t say exactly how much it would cost other than ‘thousands’. Thousands!!  It’s years since I last went to a CLA Game Fair – was it always this expensive?!


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