No Mr Bond, I expect you to dry


Guess what I’m gonna be doing over Xmas! I’ve tied quite a few pike flies but my heads leave quite a lot to be desired, usually consisting of built up thread and then varnish or superglue. I couldn’t really afford the expensive Bug Bond kit so looked around for alternatives. I got a 21 LED 395nm UV torch from Amazon and some Mr Bond UV resin from Piketrek. I will report back to you all when I’ve used it!

2 thoughts on “No Mr Bond, I expect you to dry

  1. Peter Donoghue

    Hi Bob,

    I too am put off by the Price of Bug Bond and their torches !!
    I was looking on the Internet at alternatives – cheap 395nm led lights ( torches ) and U.V Resins from China ( AliExpress ) ..
    Could you please advise on how your Experiment went ?
    Or and any developments since..
    Thanks in anticipation
    And Kind Regards
    Peter .

  2. Bob Post author

    Hi Peter

    The torch worked fine for the price although recently seems to be taking slightly longer to dry resin despite new batteries. Would maybe try a different one if I bought another UV torch
    The resin is spot on, I’d buy that again.


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