Tungsten power

Last night I got back to some ‘normal’ fly tying. Tying which doesn’t involve wrapping Christmas tree tinsel around an iron bar and super gluing big goggly eyes on it.  Instead I tied up three GRHE variants which I’m rather pleased with, I found the recipe online (and modified it slightly) but can’t bloody find it now. When I do I’ll link back to it because they deserve the credit for the pattern.I decided to get all ‘Trout & Salmon’ and stick my flies in a leaf for the photo.


Pretty simple. I used a generic size 12 wet fly hook (Scorpion wet fly I think) and a small tungsten bead. Here’s how I tied it.

Bead goes on first

Catch in brown thread behind bead

Tie in couple of inches of lead wire and wrap about 4 1/2  turns to create weighted thorax

Put close turns of thread down to bend

Catch in a good tail of brown partridge fibres

Catch in about 4  inches of fine oval tinsel (gold)

Dub a body on with some hares ear but stop at lead wire

Rib with tinsel up to same place

Catch in 5 pheasant tail fibres, but don’t do anything else with them yet

Dub thorax with darker hare’s ear

Create shellback with PT fibres, trim excess

Whip finish behind bead

Where to use it? A river. Any river.



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