Why so expensive?

I must hold my hands up and confess to dereliction of duty in terms of trout fishing so far this year. Between my developed interest in pike fishing, family issues, training and completing the Fellsman and awful weather I’ve not wet a line yet. I’m starting to light the fires now though. I have of course bought my license and now moved onto the most exciting part of any hobby which is browsing catalogues. But lo, it came to pass that I did discover the price of everything seems to have gone through the fucking roof! £200 wading boots anyone? And what’s all this switch rod business? Is that the new craze? And did Hardy really achieve such astonishing results with Sintrix tech that they initially declared them as ‘nonsense’ and had to re-calibrate their fabulous testing machine?

Meanwhile some news from the front. The Roundhay Fly Fishers hit Walton Hall yesterday but got snowed off by 10:30am. Never mind, nights start drawing in a few weeks from now.

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