Thanks Bruce

..for helping me and my mates do what we love best.

2 thoughts on “Thanks Bruce

  1. Howard Brain

    Great read . It carried me back to the last week in April when I drove up from Devon , linked up with my old Munro bagging mate from Aberdeen and we “fished” in the Gairloch area . The only problem was the water temperature was 2 deg , or so we were told by the local fishing club and the fish wouldn’t wake up till it got to 6 deg !! They were right , we walked for three days through those amazing hills in glorious sunshine and in blizzards .We cast a line into any loch or lochan that we came across without a touch but we wouldn’t have missed a minute of it .
    Our Munro bagging days are over but thank you for reminding me once again what a great trip we had .
    Enjoy next year

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