Trout and Salmon free with Trout Fisherman

Or was the Trout Fisherman free with T&S? Anyway, I nipped into WHSmith’s today to pick up my usual copy of Busty Northern Housewives when I spied the fishing section and discretely shuffled over with the collars turned up on my mac to see what they had in stock. Imagine my surprise dear reader when I discovered that for £4.99 I could get a copy of T&S and Trout Fisherman together! Furthermore, after scurrying off into a wood to read said magazines I also discovered both had some really good articles in this month. One even has a tasty fly pattern(Black Bob’s Bits)  I’ve taken a fancy to which looks like it would work well on a lot of stillwaters I visit. If you are passing a newsagent I suggest you indulge for the sake of a fiver.

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