Quick catch up….


Ok I’ve got a lot of blog writing to do. There’s the annual fishing holiday (yes, we managed to have one – picture above taken on one of the days out!), a trip to the borders for Stu’s 40th, and a few other bits and bobs but yesterday I logged into Photobucket and discovered they are intent on giving me a good, hard dry bumming to the tune of $400 a year to continue using photos hosted on their site in the blog or indeed anywhere else. I’d already started paying a small amount to Photobucket each year just to go ad free which is fair enough but this is outrageous!

I have a LOT of work ahead of me moving the photos off Photobucket and onto the web hosting then deleting the url of each and every photo in each and every one of my 240 blog posts to replace it with the new one. Of course this will no doubt mean I have to upgrade my hosting package as well!


2 thoughts on “Quick catch up….

  1. John

    Please persevere I enjoy reading you annual “Assynt” reports It certainly helps keep my moral up until my next trip to Assynt.. It does sound like a ball ache of a task…….

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