Annual fishing holiday…

Well it’s finally happened. After 22 years the unbroken run of annual fishing holidays has finally been broken! A tradition that began in a rain battered caravan in Moffat and culminated in luxury cottages in the North West Highlands has been interrupted. I’ve been hinting for some time that things were about to change but didn’t want to jinx things. Well, a few weeks ago a much hoped for miracle finally arrived .

Driving to a remote corner of Scotland and spending a week fishing and boozing is not compatible with my new family situation so for this year at least I’m giving it a miss. I do however have aspirations to do my usual August long weekend solo up to Scotland, and perhaps a family holiday in September with the chance of a cheeky side mission up to hill loch so hopefully plenty of blog material still to come. I’ve already scoped out rucksacks that I can drop him in when he’s 6 months old so we’ll be out on adventures in no time, wailing, pissing and shitting our way around the wilderness together.

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