Lockdown roundup

Nearest I’ve got to fishing – a walk around Swinsty!


experienced as a result of watching, listening to, or reading about the activities of other people, rather than by doing the activities yourself

I’ve not really missed fishing during lockdown. Even if we had been allowed to go fishing, I doubt I would have wet a line during these last few weeks what with work and more important family commitments. I’ve not even tied any flies. I kept seeing posts on Twitter/Facebook from presumably furloughed anglers churning out flies at the vice all day long because they had nothing else to do. I must admit part of me wished I’d been furloughed but then again taking a 20% hit to your finances is not inconsiderable.

Anyway, we can go fishing now but I still don’t have any spare time and actually, it still doesn’t feel right to me. I’m in a couple of clubs with access to the Wharfe and it sounds like the river is getting hammered by understandably desperate anglers. They’re not doing anything wrong but it just doesn’t appeal, I much prefer the thought of being alone whilst fishing. I sound like a bit of a wanker, I probably am to be fair. Also, the river is on its ass, I’d rather wait until there’s some more water pushing through. So at the moment I am, as they say, living life vicariously. .

Fellow RFF anglers Andy and Kev (both retired) managed a trip to Leighton earlier this week, and caught whopping great rainbows


Fellow RFF member (and also joint-founder of yorkshireflyfishing.org.uk) Stu has also been out having a whale of a time pike fly fishing at one of his favourite venues. Most of the pike he caught were yappy little jacks but not all, as you can see…


Of course, the big thing for me is when will Scotland re-open. The fishing I miss the most, the fishing I cannot give up, the fishing I am currently yearning for involves driving hundreds of miles to the far North West Highlands and disappearing into the hills with a tent, a 4 piece rod and a hip flask. And then if/when I get there – will it be overrun with disposable BBQs, turds in the heather and angry locals?!

Golden hour in Assynt

On a different note, the club lost Len, an absolute legend, earlier this year. You couldn’t hope to meet a nicer guy and I hope he liked the well deserved salmon-rod salute he got at his funeral.


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