Catching up

Quick post just to record a session I had back in October, a rare half a day to get out and wet a line. Still determined to get to grips with French Nymphing and actually get good at it. I dressed for Winter by default but it wasn’t actually that cold and I sweated buckets inside my neoprenes! Similar to previous attempts I’ve had, it took a while before things started to come together at which point I caught a handful of shott and a nice ‘proper’ grayling.

I’ve been reading different books on nymphing in general, but with a definite slant on French and the one consistent theme is that there is no clear consistency in how to fish each method! Different authors have different opinions, some stronger than others :-). All the books I’ve read have contained really good knowledge but I still think there is a gap in the market for a more delineated book on nymphing where as much effort is made to silo the data as possible. Chapter one – here’s the tackle you need to start French Nymphing. Chapter 2 – here’s how you stand/move in the river whilst French Nymphing Chapter 3 – this is how you ‘cast’ and fish/track your flies whilst French Nymphing Chapter Chapter 4 Repeat as above but for Czech Nymphing. All the books I’ve read tend to mix the methods up together. Keep it simple! I’d have a go at writing the book myself if I was even remotely good at fly fishing but I’m not so I’ll just comment from the sidelines instead like a prize ****.

True to myself I have decided to throw money at this endeavour by asking Santa to contribute to some more tackle for Christmas – hoping to get a 10ft #3 Nymphmaniac rod and a dedicated nymph line which should make life a little easier and bring some more subtlety to my nymphing.

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