Nymphmaniac and a French Letter

I barely fished over Winter, what with family commitments, trying to keep fit and lousy weather all occupying/affecting any time not spent at my desk pushing ones and zeros around the ether in an increasingly dull but stressful job. What made that lack of fishing particularly galling was the fact that a combination of help from Santa and some saved pennies had secured me the most expensive fishing outfit I’ve ever owned – a beautiful new Vision Nymphmaniac rod and reel combo (loaded with Vision nymph line) sat there begging me to go give them an airing!

Finally, about 3 weeks after Xmas I managed to get out for a few hours on the Wharfe with Stu and his dad Martin. The water was at a pretty decent level for the time of year but the grayling fishing on the Wharfe (or at least our stretch) is a shadow of what it used to be. Stu and I were on the fly and Martin was trotting maggots and between us only one fish was landed, an out of season trout to Stu. I did at least manage to hook a grayling on my new outfit but it pinged off just as I was about to reach for the net.

It was at least a good excuse to socialise and also try out the new gear. It certainly is a lightweight outfit and much more delicate than what I’m used to, a real delight to fish with and makes French/Czech/Polish nymphing generally less of a slog.

Pollution of our rivers is never far from the headlines these days. We anglers have for decades witnessed at first hand the literal shit state they have been allowed to get into whereas the general public out there have only started to notice it because they’ve got that little bit closer to nature during the pandemic. I was reminded of all this when I went to plot up bankside to eat some lunch and spotted this specimen wafting in the current!

Spawning already?

Anyway the trout season is upon us and I hope to get some more use out of the Nymphmaniac through early season but maybe also all year round as I hear it makes for a good dry fly tool as well.

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  1. Mark Benson

    Good Morning,
    are there any vacancies to join Roundhay Fly Fishers,
    any information would be much appreciated.

    Mark Benson

  2. Bob Post author

    Hi Mark

    Reply with your email address and I’ll get someone to contact you. I won’t approve/publish your reply which means your email address won’t be visible on the Web 👍

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