Quick chuck on the reservoir!

I am fortunate that my fishing club has access to both a stretch of the Wharfe and a reservoir for a bit of stillwater action as well. I haven’t fished said reservoir (with its mix of browns and rainbows) for over a year so a return was long overdue. May is a good time of year to do so with the bluebells in full swing and as luck would have it the weather was glorious as well although probably not conducive to catching fish. Blue sky, no wind, sunshine!

The walk in

Even though there were no fish rising I tried a few dries including a Shipmans buzzer, a Hawthorn fly type pattern and even a couple of Mayfly imitations but I wasn’t getting any interest. I think I saw 3 fish move all night and 2 of them were right out in the middle where I had no chance of reaching them – they’re not daft. One looked very sizeable as well!

I don’t quite buy into that nonsense about not needing to catch fish, it’s just nice to be out etc. I mean come on, it’s fishing, not going for a bloody walk. But it was a grand evening and I wasn’t too fussed about blanking. Instead I got the drone out, complete with newly attached lanyard so I could have it around my neck hand free, and did a bit of experimenting.

Yes, there used to be another reservoir here!

My casting was particularly bad whenever I tried to film myself and I developed an exaggerated rotation which resulted in my leader and fly landing in a heap out to one side. It looks horrendous, the drone does not lie!

No fish caught but some excitement generated with fresh ideas what I can capture with the drone so the evening session was not wasted.

One thought on “Quick chuck on the reservoir!

  1. Ronnie Mallinson

    I used to be a member of Yorkshire Anglers and would like to fish John O Gaunt and see if at 82 I can still cast and catch!!
    Can you advise.

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