Beaverdyke Reservoir – Updated

Please note that Beaverdyke reservoir is no more, it was drained by Yorkshire water. However, the club still has access to John O’Gaunts reservoir  and  stretch of the river Wharfe. More information on the club and how to apply to join will follow  once details have been finalised.


This reservoir is run by the Yorkshire Anglers fishing club (which is run by my brother Phil Bamforth). Beaverdyke Reservoir is stocked predominately with rainbow trout up to 1.25lbs with small numbers of 3lb – 4lb fish to spice things up a little – occasionally these live long enough to reach double figures. Both myself and Bob do the majority of our still water fishing at Beaverdyke. It’s such an enjoyable place to fish that it’s probably the main reason why the content of this site is a bit thin in places, it’s too easy just to go for a day at Beaverdyke than visit somewhere far from home! The reservoir has huge hatches of buzzers and a decent mayfly hatch, it’s a great water to fish with a dry fly.

Access to the reservoirs is restricted to club members only, however memberships are available. Contact details for Phil can be found at the the Yorkshire Anglers website.

A full review of the fishing that can be enjoyed at Beaverdyke will be online soon.

12 thoughts on “Beaverdyke Reservoir – Updated

  1. alan tinkler

    Iown a caravan at high moor farm caravan park,i do a fair bit of walking and came across Beaverdyke by accident, as i do a bit of flyfishing i would be interested in finding out more about the water.

  2. Arshad Khan

    Hi I would love to become a member in beaverdyke. I fish at Fewston and Leighton Reservoir and I am a member of Bradford city Angling association. Can you please tell me the procedure??


  3. John


    Does anyone know if yorkshireanglers still operate these waters and still allow memberships? the contact details on the page are invalid and the site hasn’t been updated for 2014. I’d love to know if its still possible to join and fish these waters.


    1. Bob

      Hi John

      Yorkshire Anglers has lost Beaver Dyke reservoir but still has access to John O’Gaunts reservoir and a stretch of the Wharfe (there is also optimism for access to another water in the future). I believe the membership subs reflect this change in circumstances. I have sent you an email with contact details of Phil, the guy who manages Yorkshire Anglers

      1. Arshad Khan

        Hi Bob

        I would love to become a member of this water to. I have tried with this guy few time but he never replies. Is there alternative contact. I normally fish ( Fewston , Leighton ) and occasionally Stock. Also I am a memeber of Bradford city Angling Club.


  4. George Elton

    Hi bob, met you down on the canal, I was chasing pike.

    I have been checking out your website, and I’m interested in joing the club. Can you forward me some details?

  5. Peter Smith

    The website looks a little out of date. Does the club still have the rights to John O Gaunt and a stretch of the Wharfe?

    1. Bob

      Thanks Peter, I’d forgotten to update the entry! The plan is to still have access to John O’Gaunts and the river as well as benefiting from merging with a long-standing fly fishing club which has regular meetings, fishing outings and competitions. Would you like to receive more info when it’s available?

      1. James

        Bob – is the club still operating the stretch of the River Wharfe near Burley? I see the signs everytime I’m walking down there. Any idea on cost of joining for this coming season if so?

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