Embsay Reservoir

NB – We have not visited this fishery yet, so have lifted some content straight off the Skipton Angling Association website. Please visit that website for more info 🙂



Adults(17yrs +) £15.00
Junior £7.50

Tickets not available from the 28th February to the 24th march inclusive.

Embsay Reservoir is located above the village of Embsay, near Skipton. It is owned by Yorkshire Water, and is used to supply water to the north and west of Skipton. It is the clubs flagship venue holding large numbers of good sized trout and a great spot for Fly fishing (plenty of casting space).

The water covers almost 30 acres and is very deep due to the dam height of 24 m (79 ft). (Fishing is not permitted from the dam wall due to health and safety reasons). As with all Skipton Angling Associaitons waters there is a 2 fish limit. Species at the venue are Rainbow trout and Brown trout along side perch, which seem to have found a way in to the water (some of which are now specimen sizes).

Day tickets are available online, from the Events Secretary and the following outlets:-

The Elm Tree Inn Embsay

Jackson’s Tackle 27 Albion Street Earby.

The Paper Shop 1a Sunmoor Drive Skipton. (bottom of Shortbank road)

K.L. Tackle 127 North Street Keighley.

Archway Pet Supplies Keighley Road Skipton.

Carleton Newsagents & General Store. Carleton.

Directions – from Skipton take the Harrogate Road towards
Embsay, when you come to the Elm Tree Inn in the village of
Embsay, you will find the reservoir underneath the Crag after
the Steam Railway.

Embsay Reservoir
North Yorkshire

20 thoughts on “Embsay Reservoir

  1. John W Preston

    The water is now under the control of the Skipton AA only.

    Perch are also present in the water, the record fish being 3:2:0.

    This year (2014) the Association is to stock with rainbows up to 8 lbs in weight. The present record for rainbows is 6:6:0 and for brownies, 3:12:0, established as far back as 1946.

  2. Graeme Waterfall (Skipton AA Chairman).

    Skipton AA Welcomes new members and day tickets are available on this water at a cost of £15 for adults. Day tickets are also available from the following outlets:
    Elm Tree Inn, Embsay.
    The Paper Shop, Sunmoor Drive Skipton
    K.L.Tackle, 127 North Street, Keighley.
    (No longer available from Petrol Station, Otley Road)
    For up to date information, catches and see to what our members think, check out the skipton angling association Facebook group page, or alternatively visit http://www.skiptonangling.co.uk

  3. Geoff Hanson

    Can some authorotative body charge the thousand of dog walkers a nominal fee ? ,some of them are quite obnoxious, some let their dogs off the lead,and encourage them to go in the water where you are fishing,also there is evidence of dog fouling, .

    Geoff Hanson

    1. Graeme Waterfall (SAA General Secretary)

      Unfortunately the issue with those dog walkers that are irresponsible continues to be a problem and one which Skipton Angling Association struggles with. The owners Yorkshire Water services, forbid dogs to be off the lead, out of control, or to enter the water at any point, unfortunately they do not police it. As this is a public space and not owned by the angling club, there is very little we can do. We are currently working on ideas to help improve the situation and welcome suggestions. The introduction of a charging a fee would not be legal and be met with more problems than solutions.

    2. Miss Anonoumous

      I am a dog walker. I can understand your point however, I was verbally attacked and nearly punched this morning by two foul mouthed middle aged fishermen. My dog kicked and ended up at the vet. Please note, this was filmed on my Iphone and reported to the police. My point is that fishermen are also at times pretty obnoxious. Embsy is a dog walking area, always has been, always will be. By all means charge us but we will still let our dogs walk freely, your frustration will remain. If we are to live in harmony then you responsibly fish in areas away from the piblic please, do not swear at us, get aggresive and NOTE! There are many children about, barbs and the like are a health and saftey hazzard. I havetaken this mornings event up with our MP Julian Smith – the Police, The council (with filmed evidence) of the fishermens behaviour. Kind regards

  4. Geoff Hanson

    Hi all.,Just to inform you that i now am a voluntary water bailiff ,with the Angling Trust, in conjunction with the Environment Agency,Also a member of the Skipton Angling
    Association, and The Keighley Angling Club.
    I will be patrolling the local club beats on a regular basis gathering intel for further action.
    Geoff Hanson, Crosshills.

    1. david whitaker

      nice one geoff . im waiting to become one in lancs..correct me if am wrong but isnt it an offence to ava a dog off the lead in a public area ??? . im hopeing to come n visit embassy over the wkend .hope the fishings as good as the rest ov ur beautiful countys water n scenery. tight lines every body …

      1. Miss Anonoumous

        Dear sir, please read the above. I think fishermen attacking the public is a criminal offence. Unfortunatly for you guys, this was caught on camera this morning and is now in the hands of the police. Please note, much of your eqiupment is a health and saftley hazzard – essecially to the many children who go by the water to play. It is the job of your association to make the public aware of the laws and rules, and to make the public safe. You cannot assume everone knows what the situation is regarding fishing and dog walking. The demonization of the dog walker is not a peaceful way forward.

        Kind regards

      2. Geoff Hanson

        Hi Dave, thanks for the reply,I hope you have a productive day at Embsay,It’s a lovely venue unfortunately spoiled by afew inconsiderate dog walkers ,you will most likely be harassed by some of them,they do not abide by the bye_laws and let their dogs come in the water where one is fishing, Ultimately it’s a reservoir, we are in our rights to fish there and strictly adhere to the bye _laws and regulations, they need to be prosecuted to set an example ,
        Tight lines my friend

    2. Miss Anonoumous

      I’m afraid the evidence I have filmed this morning is not going to help your case. Read the above.

      1. Graeme waterfall

        Miss anonymous, could you please contact me via email with your complaints, supporting evidence and police incident number. These matters are slanderous whether founded or not, and have the potential to do serious damage to a small association, which could occur in large financial loss. I urge you to consider removing your (yet unproven) damaging post and consider the implications of any further actions until your claims have been proven in a court of law. obviously I would sincerely like to get to the bottom of this matter. Kind regards Graeme Waterfall. SAA General secretary. Skiptonanglingassociation@gmail.com

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  7. Graeme waterfall


    I have been in touch with ‘miss anonymous’ regarding her yet unproven libelous comments on this thread, which put skipton angling association into disrepute and have potential financial implications for the club. I have had complaints made to me regards both her actions on and off the reservoir and as such this matter is now in the hands of the police. With this in mind I ask if you could please delete necessary threads which show Skipton angling association in a negative light. Thank you for your cooperation in this matter

    1. Bob

      Hi Graeme
      I’m reluctant to remove half a conversation and I would not want people thinking I’m biased in this matter and only allowing the opinion of anglers, not non-anglers. I am however more than happy to put up a blog post about positive things that are happening with Skipton angling association if you want to send me some info, catch reports and any good photos etc 🙂

  8. anthony higgins

    Visited Embsay reservoir for the first time on 5/6/21, to fly fish on a day tiket..A good venue ruined by hoards of thoughtless, aggressive dog walkers, encouraging their dogs to enter the water.
    Regards A Higgins

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