Maran Lakes / Marston Wyse Trout Farm

**Please note this ‘review’ is VERY old, prices and allsorts of other stuff may have changed since this visit. Make sure you scroll to the bottom of the article to see user comments which are usually much more up to date**

Maran Lakes, also known as Marston Wyse Trout Farm, can be found off Wetherby Road in Long Marston,
North Yorkshire. The turn off to the fishery is roughly opposite an envelope factory but don’t
worry you can’t see it when you’re fishing! The surrounding area is typical of this part
of Yorkshire being mainly fields – not spectacular by any stretch of the imagination but enough to
make you feel you’re ‘getting away from it all’. Paying for your day’s fishing
is also straightforward. The fishing lodge/hut has a list of tariffs and you simply sign the book with
how much you’re paying then put the money in an envelope and post it.


There are four small lakes at Maran, although the first one you hit on your way from the lodge
(Lodge Lake) is currently closed whilst it is being cleaned out. I have never fished this one so
will be looking forward to casting a line into it when the work is finished. Directly behind it
is the largest of the four, South Lake, where I tend to start and finish my session at Maran. If
you’re fishing South Lake, with Lodge Lake just behind you and an island in front of you then
to your left is one of my most productive hotspots.

The stretch of bank a few yards along from the reeds seems to always hold fish and in winter a sinking
line with a Cat’s Whisker or Fritz pattern will almost certainly get you some action. Whilst
you’re here, the area just to the left of the island is also worth trying the same tactic on.
I’ve not had much success around the rest of this particular lake although I guess much of this
is down to the fact that I head straight for my ‘hotspot’! There is plenty of bank space
around South Lake and little in the way of back-cast ruining obstructions so try fishing all the water rather than taking the narrow-minded approach like me!

Ok, so hopefully you’ve got your first fish from South Lake so now it’s on to Guide Lake
(the name comes from its sponsor!) which is adjacent to you to catch another! Here you’re casting skills face more of a challenge because most of the bank is shrouded in trees with few casting spaces. It’s easier to lose yourself here though and it can sometimes be nice to escape the elements during more inclement weather. My favourite tactic here is floating line, long leader and small nymphs e.g. PT nymph on point and hare’s ear dropper .


I’ve yet to try the bite indicator or bung methods of fly-fishing so tend to rely on watching the
end of my line for the slightest movement which is a fine way to focus your mind. I’ve read many
articles in books and magazines which emphasise how many fish you may be missing out on if you rely upon only feeling a bite and whilst nymphing on Lodge Lake I’ve found this to be very true. Many times I’ve watched the tip of my fly-line move almost imperceptibly as a fish gently takes the fly but felt nothing. You have been warned!


By now you may have either caught another nice rainbow or grown tired of decorating trees with your carefully tied flies. Perhaps it’s time to move along to the last lake which is known as Hawkins. This is probably my favourite at Maran and this in part is due to its exceptional water clarity which enables more of a stalking approach. On some days it feels like you can see every fish in this lake but as with most clear water fisheries this can sometimes lead only to frustration! I don’t tend to use lures on Hawkins because it’s quite shallow for even an intermediate and the fish seem interested in more ‘natural’ patterns.


A long leader seems particularly important for this lake because of its clarity and you should pay attention to your presentation in order not to spook its residents. I’ve had quite a few fish on here to buzzers, fished static as per the normal method but also it can pay to give them a few fast strips. This seems to occasionally stir otherwise languid fish into action. Dropping an ethafoam beetle in front of cruising fish can also induce a take along with hoppers and daddy type patterns. In addition to these, as with many stillwaters, bloodworm patterns are becoming more prevalent amongst catch returns and should therefore be amongst your armoury.

Aesthetically, Maran Lakes is at its best during the summer months when there is an abundance of foliage around the water when it looks very pleasant. The scenery is slightly marred by the presence of a crane (dredger?) at the fishery and in winter the place can be a bit of a quagmire to negotiate your way around because of the mud.

These minor niggles don’t deter me though because the sport is consistent and I have paid numerous visits to this well run fishery knowing I have every chance of catching. (It’s far from being a walkover though, I do sometimes blank!) In an ideal world, most of my stillwater fishing trips would be to unspoilt natural lakes and reservoirs inhabited only by wild brownies but this simply isn’t practical with all the constraints of modern living! Places like Maran are ideal for the average days fishing – open all year round, easily accessible with good quality hard fighting fish.

On several occasions I’ve had hooks bent after screaming runs that test the usually redundant disc drag on my reel. Indeed, there are big fish in here with the current record fish being a 14lb 8oz rainbow and a 7lb 12 oz brown. As a final aside, the Maran Kingfishers fly-fishing team have had competition success with a 1st place in the Airflo Stillwater competition.

Marston Wyse Trout Farm
Maran Lakes
Wetherby Road
Long Marston
YO26 7NH
The fishery is located off the B1224, opposite a factory that you can’t miss.

01904 738383

46 thoughts on “Maran Lakes / Marston Wyse Trout Farm

  1. Paul

    After reading this review last night I went over to Maran Lakes today for the first time and it was small but a nice place. My only complaint would be the proximity to the road as it could not be ignored.

    For a Saturday morning it was very quiet, only saw another fisherman there and as for catches, I had a couple of nibbles on South Lake and one hooked but got off before I landed it (remote unhooking..ahem).
    Guide Lake was closed and there wasn’t very much action at all in Guide Lake which is a bit small for my liking. Good for practice and will be back to get that fish….perhaps when its not so cold and drizzling.

    1. Bob

      Thanks Paul. Not been to Maran for a few years now so good to get an update! I did go over winter sometimes, just to get my string pulled and recall it got pretty muddy during the winter months. Looks better in summer, as do most places I guess.

  2. Allan

    After reading about this place, and realising how cheap C&R was, i decided to go here today. 6 hours C&R for £9. 3 of the 5 lakes were allowed to be fished in. I decided to mainly fish in South lake. I caught 1 5lb rainbow using a suspended bloodworm. I missed out on 3 others. I’ll definitely be going back. As for the road…..never a problem for me. Never heard it, never saw it. Not a problem.

  3. Al

    Hi there. I’ve just moved to the area and was v pleasantly surprised to find Maran Lakes was within ten minute drive. Only been the once in late April but was a good three hour session with five fish and several more pinging off the barbless. Started in Lodge Lake which has a sort of blue tinge to the water, with early season standard Montana and got a 1.5lber within about 15 mins on slow and steady figure of eight. Moved to South Lake as there seemed to be a lot more fish showing. Weather was changeable not to say schizophrenic – when wind dropped and sun out there was a lot of surface action and cruncher booby on point with washing line buzzers got interest but with the sun out I could see them turn away at last minute. Realised eventually they needed a bit less time to think about it so starting popping the cruncher and hey presto, bow waves from a few metres away. When the rain came the wind got up too and felt had to change it up so cat’s whisker but with a hedgehog above it nicely ginked up to see if they would still come up. Took a couple as they missed or turned away from the hog and took the cw. Most fish in the 2.5-3lb mark, although markedly different shapes, with two torpedo like maybe over-wintered I’m not sure. Great fun especially with the surface action and can recommend it based on my visit. Only £12 for one fish (isn’t it always the smallest) and C & R after. New to Yorkshire too so enjoying ready the blogs for good places to go thanks.

    1. Bob

      Hi, thanks for the report and good to hear you’re finding the site to be useful. Interesting team you were fishing there, cat’s whisker and a hedgehog. Is the latter similar to a sedgehog ?

  4. Al

    Yes i think it’s probably one and the same Bob – used it up in Shetland the past couple of years and it’s absolutely deadly so trying to use it in variety of places to see what happens really. I like the sound of Beaverdyke and Jon o Gaunts and I’ll be looking to join up somewhere next couple of years, but when are you are going to post up the reviews or is it going to stay a bit of a secret?!

    1. Bob

      Do you mean reviews of Beaver Dyke? because I blog most of my visits up there so they are in effect the reviews! Or have I misunderstood you?

  5. Al

    Yup it’s just the comment on the Beaverdyke page saying s full review will appear here soon… but will keep an eye out for the blogs – i guess the evenings will be great on there if the weather ever warms up?

    1. Bob

      Yeah if you search the blog there are loads of Beaver Dyke posts. Evening sessions up there can be sensational, rising fish everywhere and if you can match what they’re feeding on you can have a ball!

  6. Mike Whyman

    Mike. 2000 to 20012.

    I have fished in many of the lakes and rivers in the North East, England and found this the best
    Lakes. When fishing all the year round the lakes are always well stoked. Thease lakes are good for the novice to the profesional with added benifit of a, calm atmosphere, The lakes are set in a quiet area with plenty of bird and rabit life. A wonderful setting of coutry trees and wild shrubs. In my opinion a fly fishermans dream, a place to get away from it all and relax.

  7. Allan

    This place is now too weedy. Been today, and the only 2 trout I saw were the battered up 2 I caught. One of them looked in very poor condition. I spoke to somebody there who also caught a poor looking fish.
    Surprises me how downhill this fishery has gone in the space of a few months. I won’t be returning for a while now. Might see how things are in 6 months, but I’m not promising anything.
    Maybe when you are paying £7 for 4 hours C&R, you should expect poor lifeless fish.

  8. Paul Kitchen

    I went up to Maran lakes today. I took 9 fish in 3 hours fishing an Apps bloodworm, very little sign of weed. My first fish I knocked on the head was a 4lb 14oz blue trout that fought like stink. Out of my nine fish I had 3 we’re blues, 1 brown and 5 rainbows. A couple of them came in pretty easily but most of them fought well above their weight with a good half of them having full tails and fins.

    The odd fish was moving on the surface but I caught all mine fishing a fast glass close to the bottom. I’ve fished Maran lakes for getting on 10 years and I only visit 3 or 4 times a year, its cheap and cheerful but for the money you pay in my opinion its well worth it.

  9. Matt

    Have been fishing on these lakes for the past two week have caught 10 good sized fish varying from 2lb to 4lb Took my mate along as he has never fly fished itis an ideal place to learn .We will be back this weekend .The cats whisker seems to do well on all lakes

  10. john piercy

    i think your lakes are brill. does ‘t really matter if you don’t catch anything. the old world atmosphere is great. been many times. will be there tomorrow. you can get to posh. natural is best. Been to most lakes around yorks. still like to come to your lakes.

  11. Allan

    What a difference ! Loads better now. Went for a few hours the other evening. Caught 8, all in great condition. Obviously my last comments where a tad unjust. Would, and do, recommend

  12. Alex

    I moved to York a couple of years ago and was shocked by the lack of fly fishing in the immediate area, so i was v pleased to find Maran Lakes on here. With one thing and another took me a while to get round to an actual trip but have to say, was worth the wait. V well stocked, some massive (and wily) fish, and with the clarity of water you soon find out which flies they’re wise to. I almost drove myself mad trying to match the hatch on South Lake during a wave of gigantic dragonflies that came straight from a ‘land beyond’ film before eventually catching a 4.5 pounder on Kingfisher/Top Lake(?) with a G&H Sedge pulled back aggressively just subsurface. South Lake for me has been the least productive, definitely, seems to have the spookiest/wiliest fish atm – altho as is the way I’ve seen other guys turn up, cast once, and land immediately :).

  13. John Passelow

    I’ve been to Maran quite a lot recently, I usualy fish Larger waters and I found these crystal clear shallow lakes a challenge at first but great fun for stalking with a dry fly, The first trip was hard flat calm and bright, I struggled but eventualy got a couple of nice stockies on small black drys, Next trip had lots of fish including an eight pound rainbow, Following week I had two Magnificent Blue trout One Five pound one six and a half both on emerger patterns, plus many other fish to three pounds, On saturday 2nd Nov, fish were deaper with the water a bit colder, but they were hammering Buzzers, I ended up with seventeen fish including two fin perfect Rainbows at six and a half pounds each, what a day. To sum up this fishery is absolutely top notch.
    It can be hard, but great fun. It is a credit to the owners, and the quality of the fish is second to none.

  14. Jack

    I have fished quite a few times this winter with mixed success.most of the time has been very good.As others have said,fishing under a bung has good results. I use a deer hare indicator,dressed to the size of a pea with a buzzer on point fished static has given me the best results,the indicater will also catch fish.
    Hope this helps

  15. Alan

    Had my first days trout fishing here today! Had some casting lessons many years ago and was pleased to discover I had remembered them! Went with three mates today and although I didnt get a take, the other three all caught, gin clear water, plenty of room and several ponds to fish makes this a nice venue and when I get some of my own tackle I will be back.

  16. Stuart

    It’s been spoilt a little due to the introduction of a coarse fishing lake and the inevitable cross contamination of fish. I’ve often had a decent take only to find I’ve hooked a roach or a Dace. Not ideal! It makes lure fishing seem more attractive when I really prefer to fish dry or a dry line with a nymph.

    It can also get very muddy after rain so take spare footwear or wellies.

    Pity because it’s very local to me and I’m not over keen on paying out £20 + to catch Dace all day.

    Giving it another go tomorrow so I will report back on my day.

    1. Bob

      Hi Stuart

      Thanks for the update. I do remember Maran Lakes getting very muddy over winter. Is the coarse fishing lake a newly dug one or have they just put coarse fish in one of the existing ones?


  17. Martin Rhodes

    Hi Bob, The coarse fish are resident in all the lakes and have been here from before we started in1996. The fishery was once a Carp farm and also used by the EA to keep rescued fish. The Rudd that usually turn up during the summer produce fry that are an important food source for our large trout.
    The coarse fishing is on four small ponds on the nearside from the car park and for £3/day offers a great starter venue for the junior anglers.
    During wet weather and winter always bring wellies as something we can’t change is that Maran is situated in a natural water meadow.

  18. A.McDonnell

    Visited today but did not fish. Place is a total tip and very run down. Paths are overgrown and very wet. Car park is just a heap of flattened rubble and the entrance requires off-roaming skills. The fly lakes are full of weed and most edges are blocked by yard-high reeds. Checked with anglers on-site to be told it’s getting worse. Toilets filthy and booking in room has’ not been cleaned in months. Rubbish, uneaten scraps an old newspapers. Gave up and went to Osgoodby Grange instead, only one lake but good fishing in well looked after surrounds.

  19. Martin Rhodes

    The recent comments you have posted on your website from the contentious statement made by A McDonnell are completely malicious and offensive to the hundreds of anglers that visit Maran Lakes on a regular basis.You are correct that your own review is out of date which in turn does not reflect the fishing or facilities and current schedule of improvements being made.For you to rely on third party comments without checking it out in person or at least contacting the fishery in question is very reprehensible. I have maintained your Yorkshire Flyfishing presence on our links page for many years however this will no longer be the case. Please remove the listing of Maran Lakes/Marston Wyse Trout Farm from your website with immediate effect.

  20. Bob

    Hi Martin
    People are allowed to express an opinion and you, as the owner, have the right to make your own comments as well. Why don’t you work with me on this and provide me with (for example) up to date photos of the fishery and details about the improvements? You can also provide a detailed response to those comments.

  21. Martin Rhodes

    Please remove the listing of Maran Lakes/Marston Wyse Trout Farm from your website with immediate effect to avoid any further action.

  22. Bob

    Hi Martin

    I would be grateful if you could detail the action you are going to take against me, just so we are both clear what the next steps will be in this situation.


  23. Martin Rhodes

    Legal action will be taken for defamation, loss of earnings and use of our data without permission as per GDPR regulations 25th May 2018

  24. Bob

    Hi Martin

    I doubt very much you have a legal leg to stand on, and I believe you should be asking yourself why does a customer have such a low opinion of your fishery. You can’t even put together an articulate response to his comments or indeed mine. Ultimately though, I have no interest in getting in to a long running arguement with you, there’s no point other than defending free speech perhaps. I will get round to removing the content of our entry on your fishery and the comments but will make it clear why it has gone.
    Tight lines!

  25. Richard

    I have coarse and sea fished for most of my life. I am a complete novice to fly fishing and today at Maran Lakes was brilliant.
    I never caught a thing, it was very frustrating especially as I could see the trout paying attention to my fly but not engaging.
    I got talking to a bloke about my dismal failure and it turned out to be Martin the owner, he told me a good peg and said he would pop across after his dog walk. He brought me some flys and gave me some instruction and blow me I had more action in the last hour than I had the previous 5 hours including hooking and almost landing a proper whopper!!
    I think this place will become my regular haunt, there are fish surfacing everywhere and I intend to catch ’em!!
    It does get a bit water logged on the paths so I will be in wellies from now on.

    A massive thank you to Martin, I think I might be hooked!!

    1. Duane Allan Buckley

      Thank you for this post. I have just started fly fishing and have spoken with a nice bloke today on Leeds and Liverpool canal near Armley as i was pike fishing, he spoke highly of this venue and i will coming over to fish as soon as possible.

  26. Pete

    New to the area and new to fly fishing. I’ve been to look at these lakes and as it’s within a ten minute drive, I think it will be my go to fishing lakes for practise.
    Speaking of, can anyone advise me where to look on the net for info, tips etc? It’s quite a mine field for the novice! I used to coarse fish many moons ago, I’m slowly getting my kit together and are at the stage where I want to know about flies, which to use, when etc. I hate thought of wasting time and money by the lake doing it so incredibly wrong 😑

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