Barlow Trout and Coarse Fishery

NB – We have not visited this fishery, this information was provided by

Facilities on site include plenty of car parking; a log-cabin
snack bar that does some cracking butty’s at reasonable prices.
There are toilets and also tackle hire available. Fly fishing
tuition is available by prior appointment. There are four
lakes here plus part of the stream that are available for
fly fishing.

Directions – Leave the M1 at junction 29 and head towards
Chesterfield. Once at Chesterfield take the B6051 towards
Owler Bar, after about 5 miles you will come to Barlow then
into common side, look for the Trout Inn and the entrance
is on the right just after.

Mill Farm, Crow Hole, Barlow, Dronfield, Derbyshire S18 7TJ
0114 289 0543

14 thoughts on “Barlow Trout and Coarse Fishery

  1. jim rogers

    Again this is a fishery i have visited several times since i started fly fishing(ive been coarse angling for over 40 yrs).Again a very nice fishery with 4 well stocked trout tickets are 15 quid (or were) for a 2 fish bag with catch and release afterwards,the ponds are well stocked with rainbows and brownies both of which are not as easy to catch as might seem.there is a brook which can be fished for wild brownies and some escapee rainbows(id recomend a VERY short rod as it is quite overgrown).the one gripe i have with this fishery is the pondside vegatation which is left to grow and the weed in the ponds in the summer months (last time i was there pond 1 and 2 were virtualy unfishable) other than this its not a bad place,the cafe looks a bit suspect but the breakfasts are superb and they make a mean brew

    1. Andy Hirst

      Hey Jim, this is an old post ! do you know if it’s still worth fishing ? I’m a complete novice so would appreciate your advice if you think it’s suitable. Being new to fly fishing and living in Barnsley where would you suggest I go ? Thanks Andy

  2. Cal

    Hi here, is it fishing well this time of year thinking of visiting it on Saturday, if so what flies would you recommend?


  3. jim rogers

    havent visited it this winter i have been to busy ..but if its not frozen you might try a lure of some sort or go on lake 1 put a sight indicator 6 inches up from a black buzzer and float it out from the pipe that lets the water in ….it usualy works

  4. steve smith

    Cracking fisherie ..fished it for the first time this year last week and looks great for the up n coming season , at the end of last year i believe they drained 2 of the four trout lakes and now look great . also got my first blue trout out of the smallest lake which last year was full of weed now some great looking fish.

    1. Newbie

      I’ve fished there a few times. Fishing varies as stock levels are a little erratic. They’ve worked hard to improve the weed problems and lakes 1&2 are far better now. There are always fish to catch but few above 2lbs.
      The lakes are improving all the time and aren’t usually too busy. Prices now are £15 catch and release. £17 for 2 fish taken and £20 for 3.

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