We have not visited this fishery yet. Primarily a coarse fishing venue for a number of years, Lindholme  now has a trout fishing lake. There is also a cafe and tackle store onsite.

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11 thoughts on “Lindholme Lakes – NOW COARSE FISHING ONLY

  1. philip

    hi there again ive not yet tryed this water. but ive walked round it and seen the fish in the early spring rise to the bugs and flies ive talked to some lads who were fishing it and they were pleased at there catch some 3lb fish and odd bigger ones but good fishing by most as its a new fishery im waiting till the weather picks up and then dry fly it as i like the dry fly. it looks a good place as does all the lakes around this lake they are second to none in the care and quality of the place great to go in the nice weather and plenty of fish its price is ok not the cheapest but if you want quality fishing then its always a bit more so ive found.a pound here or there its not much for the chance of a double.philip p

  2. alan

    Did this place close not so long ago for trout fishing? can you confirm it is open again for 2012. What does it cost. alan

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