Thrybergh Country Park

NB – We have not visited this fishery, our information was provided by But also please check out the comments on Thrybergh at the bottom of this page, lots of up to date reports and comments, good and bad….


This is a council run water which offers fly fishing only
for the Rainbows and Brown Trout that run to 5lb. The water
is restocked on a regular basis. Tickets are purchased from
the vending machines and offer plenty of alternatives including
7 day permits and also concessions. Plenty of parking and
toilets including disabled ones.

Directions – It is in the park of the same name and can be
found on the A603 Doncaster Road, between Thrybergh and Hooton

Thrybergh Country Park
South Yorkshire
01709 850353

41 thoughts on “Thrybergh Country Park

  1. jim rogers

    i have fished Thrybergh several times and have always found it a pleasant and productive fishery both wet and dry flies work well especially off doncaster point.the water is well stocked with browns and rainbows and offers excellent sport.i think that £10.50 for four hours fishing with a 2 fish limit and catch and release thereafter is excellent value for money.

  2. admin

    It’s a venue that we need to get down and fish at some point. I’ve heard that you’re allowed to use float tubes, if that’s the case still I reckon I might give it a go this season.

  3. jim rogers

    i couldnt say if float tubing is allowed but i cant see why not as there does not seem to be any boats available for hire (or there definately wasnt when i fished it in september 2010) which is a shame as a boat would be an excellent oppurtunity to cover all the water.i must ad at this point that im a releative newcomer to fly fishing having only started in may 2010 so if i can catch here anyone can.on a different tack,if you know of any river fishing on the fly in this area id be more than happy to recieve same

    regards …jim

    1. Wm. Campbell

      Jim I remember when there were boats on Thrybergh which led to the council deciding to put sailboats , windsurfers, canoes and kayaks on the water which required a safety boat to be present which proved to be nothing more than an excuse for the rangers (so called lifeguards) to enjoy high speed trips causing a backwash which destroyed much of the bank edge, this was discontinued as it proved to be non profitable ( the fishers carrying the rabble again)

  4. Andy Phillips


    I have fished this water regularly over the last 8 years. The water is good on weekday evenings when there are few walkers around. Saturday’s and Sunday’s are very difficult in the summer months unless you float tube. Float tube is allowed four a few pounds extra season tickets are very good value. You will need black buzzers, hoppers and damsels work well. Also for a bit of fun try a huge purple buzzer (not joking either) I have seen huge rainbows and blues fall for this blizzard fly. A old gent who is safely no longer with us Harry Dawson once caught a beauty over 9lb

    1. Pete

      Hi I’m looki g to get I to fly fishing I. Local to the lake. Could somebody at the lake instucked and show me the. Ropes

  5. philip

    hi andy ill be fishing alot this year as i did last year so hope to see you im the one with the big red tube lol. ive just been up to pay this years subs and noticed the times have changed 6am till dust or ten pm which ever comes first. price has gone up to £150 for 30 visits still its on my door step. so ill keep going if the water doesnt run out first its still low but its a deep water so it dosent really change the way the fish are. its the place that holds a good pike in as well neally 40lbs+ last year very good size pike that well lets hope theres some rain soon. phil

    1. philip

      I didn’t write that post I would of said the pike go over 40LB as there was one caught over 40LB and why would the water run out? well its the best water around still. you cant get a better tubing water imo. and who is andy?

  6. Bob

    Thanks Philip. Does the owner mind anglers fly fishing for the pike? I’m always looking for new places in Yorkshire to have a crack at them, we seem to struggle for decent pike fishing venues up North.

  7. jay

    fished this water on tuesday 27/03/12 had 30 + trout lost a few big ones great day fishing just had a problem with the kids and dogs in the water and only seen the warden once during the day but the water is fishing well although in the weather i did fish very deep

  8. jim rogers

    hi guys,good news on the fishing front.I will also be fishing it a lot this season,unfortunately from the bank as i dont own a float tube.However i wont let this put me off

  9. David Whiteside

    I’m a relitive beginner to both fly fishing and Thrybergh Res.
    Anyone feel free to give me a little bank side instruction in casting and set up ??
    Live in Wickersley and free most days.

  10. Pete Fish

    Hi Stu and Bob, I`ve fished at Thrybergh for around 6 or 7 years now and never wanted to go back to course fishing. I was given my first casting lesson on the bank there by the late, great and very well
    thought of Mr Terry Badger. I`ve since progressed a little bit and I can now tie my own flies, the montana
    being my favourite. Thrybergh is a very good venue for beginners as there are numerous anglers who will
    help, advise and even give you flies that catch on the day. Get down here guys and give it a go.
    Here`s the day ticket prices for 2013.
    Adult full day £13-00
    Adult 4 hours £11-00
    Concessionary full day £11-50
    Concessionary 4 Hours £9-00
    Float tube launch £3-50

    All tickets 2 fish then catch and release
    Great value I think.
    Hope to see you soon
    Pete Fish

    1. Bob

      Thanks Peter. We had a look at some pictures and it does look like a nice place, we are going to try get there this year. In the meantime your up to date info is most welcome!

    2. Wm. Campbell

      Terry was a good friend and fellow member and president of the committee of Thrybergh Fly fishers he was a great loss he would be galled to see the state the place has been allowed to get into these days as he was with some other members myself included heavily involved in pike control and weed cutting to keep the water in good order.

      1. S.W.

        I have had a season ticket at Thrybergh for many years but this season seems to have hit the bottom of the barrel. I usually fish the last few hours in an evening but this season I cannot recall seeing so few fish rising. I have serious doubts about the level of trout now in Thrybergh, the pike seem to be multiplying. Fly fishermen do not seem to be catered for. Sadly, 2017 will be the last year I buy a season ticket, will be trying new waters. I note that most of the “good reviews” date back to 2012/13 does that indicate something ?

        1. Bob


          Have you raised your concerns with the people who run the fishing at Thrybergh? Be good to hear their take on what’s happening. From a selfish point of view I note with interest the mention of an increase in the pike numbers. Have you had a go at fly fishing for them? Great sport!

          1. S.W.

            Hi Bob,

            Have never seriously fly fished for the pike but in 2015 I hooked 2 sizeable pike in the same session, rather they hooked themselves by grabbing a trout as I was preparing to net it,. Both pike gave me a good fight but the end result was a draw, I got the head of a mutilated trout, the pike got the body, not really my scene. I did report it to one of the bailiffs at that time, he seemed surprised as he said the pike anglers had had no luck on their special spinning days. Did speak to the Council in 2016, and was politely told that Thrybergh Country Park was run as a social community park for walking and recreation and NOT as a trout fishery, after which I lost patience.

  11. Pete Fish

    Hi Stu and Bob, to update my last comments I`ve had a cracking start to the season at Thrybergh.
    Could not get there until 20th April and fished the west bay. First fish was a shade over one and a quarter
    pound, on a black and green montana and shortly after they started rising all over. I changed to a little
    klinkhammer and first cast a fish came straight up for it. It really gave me a pull and when I finally netted
    it I was a bit shell-shocked. It weighed three and a half pounds and not a blemish anywhere. That was my
    bag limit but I caught one more and then lost two before I had to pack up as I had some shopping to do.
    I`ve since caught a two and half pounder, a one and three-quarter pounder and several around the pound
    mark. I`m really looking forward to the rest of the season now.
    Best regards, Pete Fish

    1. Richard Johnson


      Just started fly fishing and been over to ladybower a few times with decent results. I have a family in Rotherham who fancies a go so planning on a visit at some point soon.

      How is it fishing? Any advise on best place to fish, flies which are catching, or anything else which may be of use would be great.

      Thanks! Richard

  12. Wayne

    Afternoon chaps.
    Just inquiring to see if anybody knows if the water has a good head of pike?
    Heard it’s only lure fishing, no deadbaits.

  13. Lyndon

    Pike fishing is only allowed in winter on a separate ticket, minimum size lure 6inch’s deadbaits allowed but no livebaits.
    They now have boats, which need to be prebooked (01709850353). The boats are rowing only, you can provide your own electric outboard. Anchors aren’t supplied so take your own if you wish to anchor, another option is to tie up to one of buoys. The boats are launched by the rangers so you might be lucky to get out for 8.30 or if no-ones available 10ish. They need to be back in for about 4 (check with the office when you book).
    Floattubes are allowed you need to fill out a form/discloser before launch, as the office doesn’t open till 10 so you won’t get out any earlier.
    Popular flies anything black and green early season, damsel nymph is always worth a try cats whisker do’s well daiwl bachs G.R.H.E. Dries Hopper, Shipmans or Bobs Bits.
    If anyone wants more advise Thrybergh Fly Fishing Club meets every Thursday night from 7 in the cottage come along someone will be happy to give further help.

    1. Richard Johnson


      Just started fly fishing and been over to ladybower a few times with decent results. I have a family in Rotherham who fancies a go so planning on a visit at some point soon.

      How is it fishing? Any advise on best place to fish, flies which are catching, or anything else which may be of use would be great.

      Thanks! Richard

  14. Richard Johnson


    Just started fly fishing and been over to ladybower a few times with decent results. I have a family in Rotherham who fancies a go so planning on a visit at some point soon.

    How is it fishing? Any advise on best place to fish, flies which are catching, or anything else which may be of use would be great.

    Thanks! Richard

  15. Wm. Campbell

    Last time I visited this venue the fishing at times was difficult due to mountain bikers , Joggers and dog walkers not looking what is going on around them, the waterside path at one point was so heavily soiled with dog mess that it was almost impossible to use, much of the fishing access to the far side of the water from the lodge was inaccessible due to bein g overgrown with willows brambles gorse and birch trees making either access or casting damn nigh impossible the south arm has been allowed to become overgrown with willows to a pint where approximately 80 % of it is unfishable, the dam wall is also difficult to access because of scrub growth along its entire length. I fished this water for over thirty years from the time ( ah the great old days) when it was run by Yorkshire Water and the fishing was controlled by Doncaster Fly Fishers, when one water keeper kept the banks and water in excellent condition and fine rises of big brown trout were to be had every summer evening. Unfortunately since Rotherham MBC Leisure and amenities have taken it over the water has slowly declined into the disgraceful condition it presently enjoys and despite complaints (unacknowledged) to Rotherham MBC there has been no action to improve the situation.

      1. S Watson

        Hope you didn’t waste your time and money, situation is not improving, after many years I am now on the hunt for another local water, one that is dedicated to being successful as a trout fishery. Tight lines.


    1. S.W.

      In full agreement with you, sad to say that I predict within the near future it will cease to be a “trout” fishery and probably be another course fishery just like the nearby Ulley Reservoir.

  16. Al mcculloch

    Was fishing there on Wednesday for first time caught 3rainbows about 1lb and one about 2.1/2 lb missed a couple of takes and caught a couple of small perch very nice place plenty of people n dogs the only thing that spoiled the place was the overgrown embankments not catered for fly fishing which is a pity because it has the prettenshal to be a good wee money maker if some effort was put in to making some kind of small jetty’s away from people n dogs and attracting more fishing which would mean more revenue

  17. Stan Watson

    Having fished Thryberg many years prior to Covid, I equired for an update now we are back to (Normal), I was told they have started issuing fishing permits again but the water has had NO fish stocked for several years. Personally I would suggest it is a waste of time even trying, Obviously the Council authorities dont know that fish dont live for ever ubtil they are caught

    1. Chris Thompson

      I think the “environmentalists” don’t want people to fish there. I don’t know how they have to cheek to charge to fish when there’s been no restocking for years.

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